Accounting Area

  • Official accountancy of your company, at your home or at our offices.
  • Giving advice and collaboration with your accounting and financial management.
  • Updating of delayed accountancies.
  • Complete consultancy.
  • Making Accounting Official Books.
  • To present the Annual Accounts in the Business Registry Office.

Labour Area

  • Permanent labour consultancy
  • Information about workers and company costs.
  • Manufacture and renewal of working contracts.
  • Considerations about suitability of working contract to use.
  • Consultancy about contracting foreign people.
  • Presenting contract extensions at INEM
  • Pay slip or wage receipt manufacturing.
  • Social Insurances settlement (TC1, TC2, TC2/1).
  • Income tax return IRPF (Form 110/111).
  • Annual summary income tax (Form 190).
  • Working certification.
  • Procedures on the SMAC.
  • Claims and procedures with Social Security 
  • Consultancy in front of working inspections and conflicts versus Public Administration.
  • Detailed information about any transcendent work new normative.
  • Consultancy about working risks prevention.


Services And Products Line

Our services are dedicated to the company consulting, specialized in labour, fiscal and accounting areas, mainly addressed to :


Fiscal Area

  • Analysing fiscal involvements of Company own projects and activities.
  • Company fiscal processes and  procedures.
  • Reporting changes on the fiscal regulations in use and making studies of consequences for the Company.
  • To secure and to look after strict observance of fiscal obligations on time and form.
  • I.V.A. declarations (Form 300 and 319).
  • I.V.A. annual summary or declaration (Form 390).
  • Advanced payments of Companies benefits Tax (Form 202).
  • Renting fiscal deductions (Form 115).
  • Incomes and payments declarations (Form 347).
  • Liberal professionals deductions declarations (Form 130).
  • Modules simplified regime (Form 131/310).
  • IntraCEE operations summary declaration (Form 349).
  • Rent declaration
  • Heritance declaration.
  • Company benefits Tax.
  • Permanent fiscal advising and consultancy.
  • Information about news taxes.
  • Fiscal Inspections consultancy and advising.

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